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So for a while now I have been looking it bitting and how the bit affects the horses mouth. Luckily for me Hilary Vernon of Informed Designs agreed to train me to fit her bits. I have now finished my training and have definitely got the bit between my teeth. Looking forward to help others get their horses even more on track.

Here’s my first review:
“Donna the diva has been amazing the last few days.
On friday Nickatie Morgan came out to see whether we can fit a new bit to donna… And what a difference it made!
If you know me and the ginger ninja, we have not had the easiest of roads when it comes to the contact and connection
I have ridden in this bit a handful of times now and can honestly say WOW! Donna feels amazing down the reins, the positive difference is amazing  and I am usually pretty old school when it comes to tack/bits.”
Check out the website: http://www.informeddesigns.co.uk