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Reiki  – (Translates as Universal Life Force)

Nickatie has years of experience offering human Reiki treatments with fabulous results for a variety of conditions.

Being a qualified Reiki Master and Instructor, Nickatie can offer training for small groups or one to one depending on requirements and background knowledge.

What a treatment involves;

A Reiki treatment is usually done with the person lay down and the practitioner will place their hands on them, usually around the chakras of the body. Usually the person being treated will feel very relaxed and a sense of balance being restored.

History of Reiki

Usui Reiki originates from Japan from Dr Mikao Usui, it was brought to the US by Mrs Hawayo Takata  in 1935. Reiki is all about universal energy flowing through our bodies chakras. Reiki is used to heal by the practitioner being a channel for the Universal energy. It can be performed with hands on or hands off the body. It will heal and balance a person emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Reiki can be used on any living thing. When treated the client will feel a sense of calm and tranquillity as well as hopefully an alleviation of the issues the person came for.