How the Bowen Technique Works

The most exciting aspect of the Bowen technique seems to be the way in which it stimulates the nervous system and subsequently energises the brain. This seems to lead to the re-establishing of the bodies own healing mechanisms that have either failed or become lazy, leading to chronic conditions. After only a few treatments conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Polymyalgia, ME and Chronic Fatigue show remarkable improvements. Asthma, digestive disorders and other related conditions such as IBS and Diverticulitis also respond well.

Nickatie has a vast knowledge and experience when it comes to treating people. Through her work at the hospice she has seen the benefits that Bowen can offer to terminally ill clients and their families as well as how Bowen can help with many aches, pains and illnesses.

What Bowen can treat;

Bowen therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions including;
    • back pain including sciatica and coccyx issues
    • neck pain
    • headaches, migraines and sinus issues
    • dizziness
    • bladder problems and bed wetting
    • Knee, ankle and foot problems
    • Jaw/ TMJ issues
    • respiratory problems
    • ear infections
    • bowel problems
    • menstrual and hormonal conditions
    • fatigue
    • emotional problems
    • lymphatic issues/ fluid retention
    • sports injuries
    • stress
    • allergies
    • poor mobility
  • birthing issues for both mother & baby

What a treatment involves.

The technique itself comprises of gentle moves carried out with the thumbs and forefingers on muscles, ligaments and the fascia tissue throughout the body. This stimulation produces profound relaxation and balance in the muscular structure of the body allowing the skeleton to realign where necessary. It promotes a healthy blood circulation and also stimulates the lymphatic system. A general detoxification of the body also takes place after a treatment, which has been monitored through the taking of blood samples. Most people who have the treatment note a general balancing within the body and a subsequent energised feeling.

Supporting the growing body

Bowen can help and support many issues that young people develop both physical and emotional.

Bowen Training and Courses

Aswell as being a busy therapist Nickatie is a fully qualified Bowen Instructor. She offers small group training courses throughout the year for new therapists wanting to complete the full Bowetech Bowen course. The course is split into four 2 day modules with an final practical exam at the end to complete the course.

Nickatie also runs CPD days for qualified therapists.

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Teaching & Training Award
Class of 2018 - All new qualified therapists