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Working to improve body balance to enhance overall wellbeing

Nickatie is a fully qualified, accredited and insured EMRT & CCMRT practitioner, Bowen Therapist, Bitting Consultant, Reiki Master and Life Coach offering treatments for humans and animals, either at her clinic in Hereford or at your home or yard.

“The human body is an amazing thing and has a fabulous knack of healing itself when given the right signals and assistance. My therapies aid and releave many conditions including chronic back pain, sciatica, muscle wastage, shoulder and neck pain, migraines, emotional and behavioural issues and much more.”

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Bowen Training and Courses

Aswell as being a busy therapist Nickatie is a fully qualified Bowen Instructor. She offers small group training courses throughout the year for new therapists wanting to complete the full Bowetech Bowen course. The course is split into four 2 day modules with an final practical exam at the end to complete the course.

Nickatie also runs CPD days for qualified therapists.

2023 Training dates


Module Date
Introduction to Bowen Workshop 14th April
One 5th & 6th May
Two 12th & 13th May
Three 23rd &24th June
Four 4th & 5th August
Five 15th & 16th September
Severn TBA

To find out more about the Introduction to Bowen Workshop – Click here

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 Becoming an FEI Permitted Equine Therapist (PET)

In 2018 the FEI decided that to make things safer and more controllable at events they would put together a new category of personnel - Permitted Equine Therapist (PET). PETs are permitted to carry out ‘Restricted Therapies’ in which they have been trained, according...

Getting the bit between my teeth

So for a while now I have been looking it bitting and how the bit affects the horses mouth. Luckily for me Hilary Vernon of Informed Designs agreed to train me to fit her bits. I have now finished my training and have definitely got the bit between my teeth. Looking...

Great weekend teaching

Another great weekend teaching some fabulous trainee Bowen Therapists their Module 4 course. My Bowen Therapist courses are run throughout the year for trainee therapists and can also be used as CPD days for qualified therapists.  We are very lucky that all my courses...

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique

I am very happy to announce that I have passed the human section of my McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release therapy course. The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique ® (MSTR®) is an amazing advancement in the treatment of scar tissue and is changing people’s lives. MSTR...

“Lovely to have Nickatie helping Team Harvey. She knows Bento so well having worked on him since he was a 4 year old.”

Judy Harvey –  International Rider & Trainer