Don’t just take our word for it……….

Taking With Love, aka Annika, from grassroots horse to three star evented has been a real team effort.
Nickatie has been a fundamental part of that team over several years. Her treatments have helped keep Annika in peak performance before, during and after competition.
Annika has now retired to stud, sound and healthy after nine seasons.
I would highly recommend Nickatie to anyone but especially fit competition horses that need help with performance and recovery.
Works well on riders too.

Nicole Thomas – Owner and Rider

Six years ago I had given up all hope with the medical professionals and their solutions for symptoms which were debilitating and hindering everyday life and then I discovered Bowen. Being a nurse, alternative therapies weren’t at the forefront of my mind, but I was willing to give anything a go. After my first treatment I saw results and still get blown away by the power Bowen has.

Nickatie took time to listen to my health journey to date and explained benefits Bowen could help with and continues to do so even though I’ve seen her previously. Nickatie is prompt and accommodating when you need to have a treatment and suggests if you need regular sessions to solve the issue. Nickatie provides a relaxing environment when you receive your treatment and enquires about your progress after too.

I have and will continue to recommend Bowen to everyone. I truly believe I wouldn’t have the life I have now if Nickatie hadn’t introduced me to Bowen.

Verity Nicholas RGN.

Due to an abscess in the guttural pouch my horse has become very sensitive when it comes to his head and being touched generally by strangers. Nickatie took her time and with a little patience managed to give Montarux a full treatment. With regular treatments we have seen an amazing improvement in bridling him and general rein contact, in turn this has improved our dressage marks and allowed us to push on with his training and move up a level.

Louisa Renshaw

So, I’ve been waiting a while before I did this review to make sure my gut feelings were correct…

At the end of November I had a Bowen therapist (horses and humans) out to give Merkur a treatment, we had noticed that in my lessons he was struggling to use his left hind properly and his canter was suffering, he wasn’t pushing from behind more pulling him self along, and was holding the left rein to avoid bending, he would always halt on the left shoulder and curl around me on the left rein with his quarters in, now we have moved up a level things become much more noticeable, we won’t get the higher points if he isnt using himself properly, we have been trying alsorts of exercises to encourage but he started to evade collection by throwing in tolt….

So my instructor recommended this lady, I didn’t really know what Bowen therapy is/was but it works on the tissue layers rather than deep muscle..
I was unsure Merkur would accept the treatment as he hates hands on massages etc, but during his session after his trot up in hand and visual observation he hardly moved, he dozed, moved her to where he wanted her and gave amazing responses with yawns nose blowing etc. Nickatie seemed not to really be doing much to watch her it looked like she was lightly stroking him then walking away, but whatever she was doing he loved it, she also did some scar tissue work on his hamstring damage to retry and help smooth off the muscle fibres

Points noted were in the trot up his belly should swing from side to side but to the right it almost hit a wall will considerable less swing, he moved quite narrow in front but wide behind and he was very careful walking down the drive (steepish hill)
The distance between last rib and pelvis on the right was nearly 2 fingers short (should be able to fit whole hand width in comfortably) and his TMJ joint was a good inch lower on the left than the right…
I had thought his problems were steming from the hamstring damage in 2017, and that he didn’t want to or couldn’t stretch that left leg properly, but after his treatment Nickatie thought it may be steming from being tight in his neck poll chest and jaw..
well I decided time would tell, if he had a physical problem then this treatment may help temporarily but wouldn’t be a fix….

He had to have 3 days off with minimal handling after his session, the next time I rode him I noticed a massive difference, but I wasn’t sure if it was a fluke so decided to wait and see, but every ride was better, as soon as we turned on to the road he stretched his head down to the road long and low, nose out, forward and stayed there, which he couldn’t do before, he was marching out forward and ground covering, and we were marching down the hilly bits on the road without going all mincey, this was huge he’s never done that without me hassling him…

He had a follow up treatment a fortnight later, but this time I had a lesson the morning of his treatment, during his lesson he did some lovely trot work but when it came to canter he was super reluctant to canter on the left rein, he either ran into tolt or just stopped the right rein canter was amazing, sat right down on his hindquarters, a real collected 3 beat, but there was no impulsion, it felt like his handbrake was on  he was also not happy doing quarters in on the right rein (using his left hind!) we called it a day so not to over do anything, I came away worried there was something very wrong, but after talking it through we did wonder if he was now straight and he needed to build up strength to move correctly, I decided not to mention this to my Bowen lady and wait to see what she found…
His second treatment went well, he had some more work done on his scar tissue and his imbalance in his TMJ (which had leveled up a bit but actually took less work to level up this time) but most importantly the distance from last rib to pelvis was even both sides, he had straightened up, must feel lovely to have your ribs spaced evenly again 

She did some work on his neck and chest again to try and help open him up more and work on his back as he needs now to build up more strength on his top line to carry me and lift his back up to engage his hinds properly for collection work,

Since his session I have noticed he likes to put me on the right diagonal in trot, but his neck stretch to the road is still fantastic, and his warm up in the arena work he’s stretching much better to start with where he used to take ages to start…..
anyway, I was a bit apprehensive about my lesson on Thursday just gone, it’s been Christmas and new year the last lesson was a while ago and we had cut it short due to unsure issues, MERKUR WAS AMAZING 

Best lesson yet, he was sitting on his back end which ment I had a lovely light self carrying horse to ride, it aloud me to actually ride properly, sit up straight hold my hands up, subtle aids, canter was fab on both reins, we did shoulder in, in trot to walk then up to trot in the same movement, we started work on getting him to do a shorter trot with hind power (bit like start of passage) he took to this like a duck to water WOW I got some fantastic push, we are not overdoing it, a good move then straight back out into a forward trot, as it’s very hard work, hopefully this work will help with our medium trots, and that he will learn to move his shoulders move to get the bigger movement.

It was like riding a different horse, it felt like we had suddenly moved up a level and felt professional, like we were dancing for real, I felt like Charlotte D on my little hairy horse 

I’m convinced that the treatment has benefited him massively, I’ve booked him for another at the end of the month, in the meantime I’m monitoring him, so far so BLOOMIN GOOD!

Luan Crawford Dressage