Coaching  – We offer both Business and Life coaching.

What is coaching?

Really it is the “push” that we all need to give ourselves to obtain our goals. A coach helps the person they coach to find out what is important to them in their life. It is true to say that if we want to do something we are far more likely to achieve it. That is the aim of coaching to find the things that we have a real desire to achieve and then to coach the person to find a way to achieve this. Coaching is totally person centred – the person being coached is what it is all about – the coach is a facilitator to help them find what their goals and aims are.

This is why coaching can be used in any sphere:
  • in business – happy staff who are motivated work harder.
  • In personal life – if we know what we want to achieve and the steps to get there we will achieve.
  • In sport – for example if someone is having trouble achieving at a competitive level then working through coaching techniques can assist and improve performance.

Coaching for carers

Nickatie has also offered coaching to unpaid family carers with great success. It helped them to be able to find their way back to themselves when they had become “lost” in being the person who cares for someone. By engaging these carers and helping them to feel like themselves again they could manage and cope with the trials of being a family carer.

Feedback from clients

“Thank you Marion for such positive feedback. keep up the good work”