We have been in continual contact with our professional bodies (The Bowen Association and CNHC) who have advised that we will be allowed to open when the government begins Step 3 of its reduction of lockdown plan. This is currently predicted to be around 4th July.

In the meantime, we will be making changes in order to ensure that the work we do is as safe as possible when we do open, and as such we would like to give our clients an idea of what treatments with us will look like in the future.

How will things change?

Prior to your first treatment under the new regulations:

Clients will be asked to sign up to reporting COVID-19 symptoms should these develop within 14 days of a treatment.

Initial consultations / First treatment under the new regulations:

Prior to COVID-19 initial consultations were conducted as a single session that covered 2 main areas. Firstly, a full history taking session was conducted to understand the clients’ personal, medical and symptom related history. The second half of the consultation was utilised for treatment or further assessment of the clients symptoms. This would inform both the client and the therapist what treatment programme would be best in future sessions. Under the new regulations these 2 main areas will be separated as follows:

Initial history taking session:

This will be conducted either online (Skype/Zoom/Facetime/WhatsApp) or over the phone. It will be a 15-25 minute session and will cover the clients personal, medical and symptom related history. We need to do this remotely now to reduce the amount of talking that we do in the treatment room, to try to prevent as much as possible the spread of any potential COVID virus at the clinic.

Initial assessment / treatment session:

This will be conducted at the clinic like any follow-up treatments would be, but will be just 35-45 minutes long. This session is to ascertain the problem at hand, and to give both the therapist and client some idea of what sort of treatment programme would be best for them moving forwards.

For existing clients – Other changes:

  • Before we open we will conduct a full risk assessment of the clinic.
  • We will take and record our temperature at the start of every day (should we have a temperature over 38C our guidelines state that we cannot undertake treatments and all clients will be contacted to rearrange appointments).
  • Clients will need to allow their temperature to be  taken via a contactless thermometer upon arrival. Again, temperatures over 38C will mean that the treatment cannot go ahead. In these cases the treatments will be rebooked without further charges (late cancellation charge for example).
  • We will ask you to sanitise your hands and complete a COVID-19 consultation form prior to treatment.
  • We will be wearing face masks during treatment. If you wish to wear a face mask please bring one with you.
  • The clinic room and commonly used areas will be fully cleaned at the start of the day and between each client (this will be fully recorded).
  • To minimise risk we ask that should you feel you will want water at any point during the treatment please bring your own supply.
  • A contactless payment system will be in place, and where possible this or BACS will become the preferred method of payment.  Should clients wish to pay with cash this will be possible also, please bring the correct money either in a sealed envelope or plastic bag.
  • Clients will be encouraged not to touch door handles where possible. I would also ask that you wait in your car on arrival until I come and collect you and show you in.
  • Chairs in the clinic room will observe social distancing regulations and this distance will be maintained at all times except for the actual hands on part of the treatment.
  • There will be a gap of 30 minutes in between treatments to allow for full cleaning of the clinic room, as well as to ensure that clients don’t cross paths. Therefore we kindly ask that clients do NOT arrive too early for their treatments.

Finally, all temperature checks, cleaning and COVID-related symptoms will be recorded on a day-to-day basis.