Foal with contracted tendons – Treated by Practitioner Nickatie Dimarco

I was asked to try to help this colt foal by a regular client of mine who breeds dressage horses. It was about 2 – 3 weeks old and was born with contracted tendons and although it had been administered drugs to aid the muscles to relax these had helped but not solved the problem. This means that you see a shortening of the fore limbs (see photo the front legs appear as if they are buckling) that causes the foal to stand quite strangely. The problem in my opinion partly originates from a shortening in the muscles in the shoulder and thoracic sling region.

I treated this foal initially with the owner present; he was very worried that the problem would be a permanent one for the filly. Whilst I cannot guarantee success I was indeed hopeful that with a few sessions I could help the foal to be normal.

This is him after his first treatment.

The first treatment given was to help to balance the
whole horse. The subsequent treatment was to help
the affected area specifically. Because Equine
Muscle Release Therapy is such a gentle and non
invasive treatment it is safe to use on the very
young or very old with fantastic results. Indeed my
own 25 year old horse regularly receives treatment
and is still competing at riding club level and

The foal responded even better to the third treatment – indeed the day after this third treatment he was shown off at a local riding club visit to the stud at Rosgoch. He moved so well with little or no signs of a problem that the visitors had no idea he had been suffering. See what he looks like now!

The work that I have done this season with foals has been truly amazing. I have seen results that even surprise me. I treat all the ridden horses, foals, yearlings and stallions at this stud. It is the most useful tool I believe to help to resolve problems that sometimes seem too difficult as well as to be used as a maintenance tool to keep horses on the right road to happiness.

With thanks to the Woodlander Stud –